Celestia Serving Bowls – Share Joy Over A Dining Table

Celestia Serving Bowls – Share Joy Over A Dining Table

A get-together is surely the most sought-after way to catch up with your family and friends that you don’t need for a long time. And no get-together is complete without a sumptuous meal in a perfect setting. This means you need to have a great set of tableware at home. Fortunately, there are lots of options available in regard to serving bowls. Among them, ceramic serving bowls emerge as the best choice indeed.

Some of the commonly available materials in serving bowls are glass bowls, earthenware bowls, ceramic bowls, and others. While glass bowls look premium and give an astounding touch of beauty to a dining table, these serving bowls tend to break easily and are very heavy to hold. This is where ceramic service bowls emerge as an excellent choice in the serveware category due to many reasons.

At Celestia, we have a versatile collection of serving bowls online that redefine culinary indulgence. Below are some of our leading products in the serving bowls category.

1. Desert Black Serving Bowls

This set of 2 beautiful serving bowls is sure to give a magnificent appeal to your overall table setting. If you are looking to give a refresh to your dining table for a special occasion, it makes true sense to get these dark-hued serving bowls that take dining indulgence to another level.

Made of superior quality stoneware material, these serving bowls are perfect for both daily settings and special occasions. The black color featured on these bowls gives them a touch of premiumness and their uniformly distributed rims from the center to the rim looks amazing from all sides. Use them to serve pasta, fruits, snacks, salad, or just anything. Easy to use and durable. You just need mild detergent to wash them.

2. Cloudy Grey Serving Bowls

Treat your guests in a special way by serving snacks in these Cloudy Grey Serving Bowls. You can even combine them with other elements to leave a lasting impression.

These bowls are handmade and highlight the looks of exquisitely crafted ceramics. Be it regular meals or accentuating those special occasions, these serving bowls are truly perfect for nearly every kind of culinary affair. Their minimal edge styling allows your sumptuous food to take center stage. In regard to cleaning, that just needs a gentle wash and care.

Be it any kind of table setting, these serving bowls are designed to upscale your happiness quotient like nothing else.

3. Midnight Green Serving Bowls

If you are looking to give your tableware collection a smart upgrade, these green-colored serving bowls emerge as the most sought-after choice. Treat your loved ones in a scintillating way by serving delicious food in these ceramic serving bowls.

Handmade precisely using stoneware material, they boast a glossy finish and a color that seems to be taken from a leopard’s skin. Use them to serve fruits, soup, snacks, or any about anything and see the magic they create. Due to the appropriate depth of these bowls, they can be used as salad bowls, gravy bowls, snack bowls, noodle bowls, and more.

The food-safe glazing on these bowls helps you stay high on health while enjoying your favorite meal.

4. Summer Time Peach Serving Bowls

Bring more light and vibrancy to your dining table with Summer Time Peach serving bowls. These are perfect for serving snacks, fruits, sweets, and anything you want to. These tableware elements are hand-made with a superior degree of precision and care which is clearly reflected in their finish.

You can shop for these ceramic bowls online and get them delivered right to your doorstep. This is certainly the easiest and quickest way to spruce up your dining table.