Our Story

“My love for ceramics was born out of my interest in home décor especially tableware. Every outing with my college friends ended up with I admiring the table ware while others were busy eating!

Funnily enough what crossed my mind was the fact we currently don’t have much of a choice when it comes to classic and fine ceramic crockery and cutlery. I put in a lot of time trying to find more about tableware.

I especially liked the hand crafted rustic simple yet sophisticated look and feel of ceramics tableware. They are just lovely to hold and handle. Every piece is handmade and finished so a lot of efforts goes into making these. I prefer a lovingly made hand crafted piece to a factory mass produced product any day.

Ceramic tableware and steel cutlery are perfect for today’s modern on-the-go woman or work-at-home person because it is long lasting and very user friendly. The simple minimalist designs are enduring and can blend with any environment.

The pleasure of eating from a ceramics plate matched with matt steel cutlery is doubled when one is aware that these are produced in a sustainable manner without any environmental degradation and is providing livelihood to millions of households who are employed in this industry, some for generations. 

These were the products I could relate to and decided to launch my brand to bring these beautiful product to the people. I decided to source only good quality environmentally friendly produced products, the very best for my clients. I feel people will have the double pleasure of using simple minimalistically designed tableware and something that is ethically sourced and sustainably produced”.