Is There Any Effect Of A Mug On The Taste Of Coffee?

Is There Any Effect Of A Mug On The Taste Of Coffee?

For a majority of people, sipping your perfect brew in a coffee mug is considered the perfect start of the day. To much extent, this is true, but very few people know that the material that is used to make the coffee mug has a say in the taste they get eventually. So, whether you are planning to buy a coffee mug for yourself or want to use it as a fabulous gift to someone, it is necessary to know different coffee mug materials and their impact on the taste of the coffee.

From fancy and vibrant porcelain mugs to conventional stainless steel mugs, we studied and compared different types of materials to settle that porcelain mugs are perfect for maintaining your coffee flavour.

Porcelain (Ceramic) Coffee Mugs

Most people sometimes understand quality by context, and a ceramic coffee mug typically refers to a higher class setting with higher expectations. Porcelain mugs basically do better by all means. Contrary to its competitors, porcelain mugs don’t make the kind of change in the flavours, leaving your coffee with natural strong flavours. Another plus of owning a porcelain coffee mug is its capability to hold the temperature.

The porcelain mug doesn’t drop as much heat just like plastic and paper cups. The perfect temperature to enjoy coffee stays between 120°F and 140°F. Maintaining this range of temperature is important in keeping the taste of coffee steady. There are different types of ceramic mugs available both offline and online in different colours, patterns, and finishes.

Stainless Steel Thermos

A steel thermos is much like a vessel that tends to offer temperature symmetry for a longer time period. These vessels are an excellent choice for people who prefer to take their coffee with them.

Be it’s a steamed or ice brew, a stainless steel thermos can help you upkeep coffee’s temperature and texture for a long. Stainless steel doesn’t engross the taste, yet there are few chances of telling low-grade material into your lovely espresso.

Plastic Cups

Plastic might be a wonderful option if you are searching for low-cost and durable mugs, as plastic mugs are not stiff; hence, they don’t bang if unintentionally fell. Irrespective of this, a plastic mug might degrade the flavour of your coffee. These cups engross flavours and aromas, which upholds the remaining flavours of your previous sip. Plastic mugs are found to go well with outdoor excursions, but you might not want to choose these mugs as your regular cup to enjoy in the mornings.

Glass Mugs

Glass can be an excellent choice for your freshly brewed cappuccino. It doesn’t lend any flavour and hardly engrosses any. Therefore, it does not degrade your coffee’s taste and can hold its flavour for longer periods. In addition, a glass cup cannot withstand the high temperature and gets hot quickly. This makes it difficult to hold the cup apart from changing the taste of the coffee.