Ceramic tableware for a wonderful dining experience !


It is quite hard to find folk who doesn’t love to go out for a sumptuous lunch or dinner. And it is not just about the food, the overall ambiance and atmosphere together play a pivotal role in upgrading one’s overall dining experience in a fine quality restaurant. This might be the reason why dining outside seems enticing and stunning.

But do you know you can bring the same experience to your home? Yes, it is not that difficult to inculcate a restaurant-like atmosphere at your home. Celestia, an idiosyncratic fine tableware brand, boasts of a superb assortment of tableware that promises to lend a refined dining experience you and your guests would always love to indulge in.

Fine dining is no longer a hard nut to crack. You just need to keep certain things in mind and you’re done! It won’t take too much to achieve a restaurant-like dining ambiance. You can begin by finalizing an attractive menu or you can choose a specific culinary theme like Mexican or Italian.

To infuse a truly visual and functional appeal, adorn the surroundings with fancy lighting, decorative shrubs, and other artifacts. If you are fond of soulful music, create a customized playlist to add more sophistication. However, among all these things, don’t forget to work on the most crucial part – the dinner set or tableware.

The dinner sets you choose are of extreme importance when it comes to delivering an unmatched dining experience at home. No matter how much time and effort you put in adorning the area, choosing ordinary tableware would just ruin everything.

According to experts, don’t try to mix and match the crockery set. Use one type of set only. For example, if you are using ceramic, all the pieces should be ceramic only. Not only do they just look fabulous, but they are also dishwasher safe and easy to maintain.

Among various materials available today, ceramic is considered the healthiest one. Being non-porous in nature, it is prepared from non-toxic materials which makes it safe for food purposes.

If you in search of fine-quality tableware, Celestia is one name you can always look at. It has a vast range of ceramic dinnerware items that are poised to elevate your dining indulgence. Here are a few options:


Dessert Black – 2 Dinner Plates

The tableware piece is something you would fall in love with. Its sophisticated food-safe glazing possesses a unique captivating power that would stun your guests like nothing else. Handcrafted in India, it exhibits distinctive design and an appeal second to none.

The engraved circles on the surface give it the modern touch it needs to match a contemporary home. The crockery set is purely safe for microwave and dishwasher usage.

Midnight Green – 2 Dinner Plates

It is a handmade product that highlights a distinctive look. Put it on your dining table and see the magic it creates. This piece of love would never let you down.

The vibrant color and finish on it invite your guests to the dining table on their own. It is something you can use for regular dining indulgence or for special occasions. This elegant piece is microwave and dishwasher safe. Nonetheless, it boasts of food-safe color and glazing.

Special moments deserve extraordinary treatment and what’s better than rejoining those moments with Celestia tableware that takes high style sophistication to an all-new level. These tableware collections are designed in such a way that they infuse an eclectic atmosphere at your place and make dining a grand affair.